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Bharatanatyam dance costume stitching

Posted by templejewelry on 27th July 2011

For Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Mohiniyattam, Kathak dance forms

Stitching a Bharatanatyam dance costume or any other classical dance dress for your child has become such a cumbersome process nowadays. Especially if you live outside India, spending time to search for the correct color saree and finding a nice tailor is at least one full day’s work. The cloth shops in India are extremely crowded no matter what the season is and tailors are always busy. Unless you know the tailor personally, getting a dance dress stitched in couple of weeks is a herculean task. Needless to explain the process of taking measurement at the tailors place!

How about doing all this without leaving you house at your convenient time, and get the costume of your choice delivered to you within 5 weeks? This is exactly what you can do from our online store http://www.DanceCostumesAndJewelry.com. We have experienced tailors in Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Cochin and Delhi to make the costume of your choice at its own authenticity. Most of our Bharatanatyam dresses are stitched from Chennai or Coimbatore and the Mohiniyattam dresses are stitched at Cochin. We have tailors in Hyderabad and Delhi for making Kuchipudi, Odissi and Kathak dresses.

How does the process of stitching dance dress online works? Ok, we will explain the process of ordering your own custom stitched dance dress from beginning to end, in the following paragraphs. First you need to create an account in our online store. Creating an account is very important and has many advantages. Once you create an account and enter your shipping address, our store remembers it and you need not enter your address each time. However, for security reasons, we do not store your credit card number. You have to enter it each time you process an order with us. This gives you the flexibility to use any card for your order. We accept all major credit cards – VISA, Discover, MasterCard and American Express.

Before you place an order to stitch your dance costume, please open this page and see all the different types of dance costumes we stitch. Then click on the appropriate costume type. For example, if you want to stitch a Bharatanatyam dress, you would arrive at this webpage. You will see two pictures associated with this product – a line drawing and a photo of the dress. Open the line drawing and go through the measurements and the numbers associated with each measurement – for example the measurement number 8 is the sleeve size of your blouse. If you are the dancer, you need another person’s help to take the measurements. If your child is the dancer, you can take the measurements for her/him. Decide the color you want for the costume. We always ask for two choices because the sarees of a particular color and type may not be available all the time with our saree vendors.


When the dancer is ready, use a flexible tape to take the measurements and start in the order given in the website. Please see our YouTube video before you start. The first measurement you take will be height of the blouse. Please call us anytime if you have a question about how to take a measurement. You need to fill in all the columns before you click on the “add to cart” button. There is an option to mention the style of the dance costume. In this column, enter any comments you have such as – full covering blouse, 2 fans only, three fans etc…Also at the end of the page you will see the material type. The cost of the dress varies according to your selection. If you select the art silk material, the dress is less expensive and the Dharmavaram silk is most expensive. Make sure you selected the correct material and verify the price.

Once you completed all the measurement entries and clicked on “add to cart” the order will be placed on your cart. Nothing will happen until you pay. Since you are logged in, this will stay in your account, even if you log out of the system. You can come back next day and then place the order. When you are ready to place the order and have the credit card ready, go to your cart and “Proceed to check out”. You need to enter the credit card info in the next page. After entering all the necessary information, proceed to complete the order and you are done. Please make sure you have received an email from us confirming the order. If you have not received the email, check your spam folder. Please note the order ID and write down it in a safe place. You need to mention this number if you need to call us to enquire the status of the order.

As soon as we receive your order, our order processing staff in India will start looking for the correct color sarees and materials in our stock. We usually have the stock of most of the fast moving colors in Art Silk and Apoorva Silk. They will also see which tailor is suitable for this dance costume depending upon the type of the dress and how busy each tailor is. If we have the suitable saree, it will be given to the tailor immediately along with the measurement. The tailors will go through the measurements and check if everything is OK. If they see any discrepancies, they will call us and report the issue and will not stitch the costume until we give a green signal. Once cleared, they stitch the costume and send it to our shipping center. From that place your costume will be shipped to our warehouse in Indiana, US. Once it reaches here, we verify the costume for color and measurements again, before shipping out to you.

Thank you for reading and hope this will help you to make the order placing easier.


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Bharatanatyam dance dress color selection

Posted by templejewelry on 8th February 2011

At DanceCostumesAndJewelry.com you can submit the measurements accurately online and select the color of dance costumes as you wish. There is no limitation. In fact you can even upload a photo of the sample dance dress you have in mind too. We have tailors in different states in India. Most of our Bharatantyam dresses are stitched in Chennai and the Kuchipudi dresses are stitched in Hyderabad. Here are some samples of fast moving dress colors we do. This is to just give you an idea. We do not limit the color combination or style of the dance dress as we mentioned earlier. We have skirt style and pant style Bharatanatyam dress. Also we have 2 fan and 3 fan Bharatanatyam dance costumes. In our online store, you decide the color, style and the material. We make sure you get what you want in time.

Below we have shown some art silk material Bharatanatyam costumes. You can also choose material type in our online store. The price will vary depending upon the material selected. We recommend you to select the art silk material for children under 12 yrs old.  They grow very fast and by the time you use the costume for 2~3 times, the dress will become small and useless. We keep tucks to increase the size up to an inch. Still it is very difficult with increasing the length of the pant unless you start with a little bigger/longer pant. For arangetram we recommend you to use Dharmavaram material.

We will update more photos of other dance styles.

Till then – have fun dancing…

Team http://www.dancecostumesandjewelry.com/

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New Bharatanatyam costumes added to our product line !

Posted by templejewelry on 24th October 2009

This week we have added two different types of Bharatanatyam costumes to our product line at the online store of www.IndiaMartInUSA.net. One is made of Dharmavaaram type silk saree and the other one is made of art silk saree. Both will be stitched in India as per the measurements provided by the customer. The delivery time is around 4 – 6 weeks. Please download our costume measurement chart, fill it up with correct measurements and fax to 240 241 5171. We already have dance practice costumes which can be used for Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi or Mohiniyattam dance practice lessons. The cost of our Bharatanatyam costumes are very reasonable. Please check out our website for more information. Apart from the Bharatanatyam dance costumes, we also have imitation temple jewellery and dance make-up accessories including false hair, Kunjalam, hair bun etc…

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